Frequently Asked Questions​

Everything you wanted to know about Eloping in Southern California

What is an Elopement?

An Elopement is a fast easy and affordable way to get married.

It can be just the 2 of you or up to 30 of your Friends and Family.

It can take place almost anywhere: On the Beach, In Our Cute Little Wedding Chapel, Your home, A park or any cool spot you can find.

wedding elopement at the beach

What is the process to elope?

There are 2 steps to getting Married:
The Marriage License and the Wedding Ceremony.

The marriage license is your permission to get married. You can obtain it at the County Clerks office by standing in long lines or we can issue it to you instantly ANYWHERE in So Cal. Visit out Marriage License page for details and requirements.

After you get the Marriage License you must have a wedding Ceremony to make it legal. A Elopement ceremony canbe as simple as I Do I Do or a custom designed celebration of your love story or anything in between. You will work with your chosen officiant to design that part.

After the ceremony the documents are turned into the County Clerk's Office to be recorded and if copies were requested the county will mail them to you.

That's it!
It is SOOOOO simple when you book with us.
We do it All.

wedding chapel couple

Some cool tips you should know


Do we need permits to get married on the beach?

Many of the beaches in Southern California are open to small groups of 25 or less to have your ceremony.
Its so east you simply decide on a location, Laguna Beach is the exception. They do require permits...But if you want to do it there we can get the required permits,

To get started a beach location from our Beach Elopement page, fill out the Availability Request form. Once we chat and decide on a date, time and Officiant then Make the $150 Retainer, Fill out the Marriage License Application. and we are off to elopement land.


How Many People will fit in your Wedding Chapel or Wedding Terrace?

Our Cute Little Wedding Chapel can accommodate up to 30 guests or just the 2 of you..

It is by far the easiest way to get married. When you come in. We issue you the Marriage License instantly (or bring your own from the County Clerks office)
then we take you into the Wedding Chapel or Terrace and perform your ceremony. It takes 30 minutes or less. We can even do photos for you with our staff photographer or snap some on your smart phone.


Do you provide Flowers, Video or Photos on Location.

After you book your Elopement we will send you a confirmation email. in that email we will list some amazing affordable vendors to contact. Each has their own style. Choose the ones that you like.


Are Pets welcome?

We do allow your well behaved furry friends at our Cute Little Wedding Chapel. The Beach is another story. There are a few Dog Friendly Beaches in So Cal but most don't allow it.


Do we need witnesses?

YES and NO
If you have a confidential Marriage License (the ones we issue to you) you don't need a witness.

If you have a Public Marriage License that you got from the County then 1 or 2 Witnesses are required to sign it


Do we need blood tests?.

That was a requirement 20 years ago. However if you are a zombie we cannot marry you....Yet


What are your hours?

We do weddings 24 hours a day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a year. If you want to get Married We are here for you.